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The performance of the JUMBO 8000 silage chopper

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

The new version of Pöttinger's JUMBO 8000 silage chopper has been available on the market since August. With its restyling, the German manufacturer has managed to reduce the forage cut by 30% compared to the previous version, and to optimise both the quality of the end product and the loading capacity.

This significant improvement of the machine was made possible by a new transmission, a new rotor and a cutting unit consisting of 65 blades with a mowing length of 25 millimetres.

The technology developed by Pöttinger is particularly beneficial because it results in a higher load density (+10% compared to self-loaders on the market) and greater harvesting capacity, which in turn translates into higher machine profitability, while the smaller size of the forage optimises its compression into the silos.

Other innovations introduced by the German company's engineers include an innovative automated loading system which, thanks to an additional sensor (there are now four), is able to process the information gathered by measuring the pre-compression of the forage directly above the rotor and which, if necessary, is able to activate the belt before structural damage can occur.

Lastly, the Autocut automatic blade sharpening system is worth mentioning, ensuring that the tools are always sharp during use and which, according to a technical note from the company, reduces the power required by 20%, resulting in fuel savings.


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