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MultiOne: young and innovation company

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2022 | Back

MultiOne is a young Vicenza-based company - it was founded in the second half of the 1990s in Grumolo delle Abbadesse - that in the space of just a few years, thanks to heavy investment in research and development, has managed to become a major player in the agro-mechanical market and beyond.

The Grumolo delle Abbadesse-based company’s success came in the early 2000s with the specialisation in the segment of skid steer loaders and multifunction skid steer loaders, agile and versatile work tools capable of adapting to a wide range of uses, not only in the agricultural sector. The first model saw the light in 1998, inaugurating the Veneto-based company's production diversification. The S25D presents itself 'in its own small way' with a truly advanced technological profile. Equipped with a 20-horsepower Yanmar engine, MultiOne's first skid-steer loader is supported by a 3-pump hydraulic circuit, the hi-flow system, a dedicated transmission pump and the double-H telescopic boom with replaceable skids. Twelve months later, in 1999, the Vicenza-based manufacturer was awarded the Technical Innovation prize at EIMA International for the design and concept of its multipurpose skid steer loader. A year later, two more series saw the light of day, the SL and GT. While the former continues in the vein inaugurated with the S25D - it is a low-power model (the engine delivers 30 horsepower), albeit with a greater lifting capacity - the GT marks an important evolution in the range, decidedly more performing but without sacrificing the traditional compact size. The chassis of the new models is heavier and stronger, while the hydraulics ensure more robust performance thanks to the three pumps with Poclain radial piston wheel motors and the electronically controlled hydraulic outlet pump (provides 84 l/min and 370 bar for the equipment).

In 2011, after the debut of the F-Series skid steers a few years earlier and the double restyling of the ranges (in 2004 and 2008), MultiOne acquired control of the company Zappator, which specialises in the production of landscaping equipment. The Veneto-based company entered this sector in 2005 with the development of the 72-horsepower Star lawn mower. 2015-2016 was a really important two-year period for the Vicenza-based manufacturer. The 8,9,10 series skid steer loaders was launched in 2105, bringing the maximum power of the range to 75 horsepower and the lifting capacity to 2.5 tonnes. The following year, it was the turn of the 'small' ones, which were renewed both in name (series 1, 2, 5) and in technological equipment (a new steering system and a new boom made their debut). But in the range of a company so focused on innovation, a 100% electric line could not be missing. This is the EZ series, consisting of three machines - EZ 5, EZ 7, EZ 8 - with an operating autonomy of between a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 6 hours in Eco mode, depending on the model. However, the high propensity to innovate is not the only factor that has allowed the MultiOne brand to establish itself on the market.

The other trump card played by the company is the in-house management of the entire production cycle, from design (entrusted to the R&D department's technicians) to final testing, passing through the carpentry processes that take place in a state-of-the-art, fully automated plant where every year two thousand tonnes of high-strength steel are cut, pressed and welded to form the frames of skid steer loaders. True to its tradition, MultiOne's R&D department did not stop in 2022 either, offering the market many innovations that will be presented to the general public at the next edition of EIMA International, in Bologna from 9 to 13 November.





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