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The technological gains of the 11.6K skid steer loader

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2022 | Back

In MultiOne's exhibition spaces at EIMA 2022, the spotlight will be on the 11.6 K skid steer loader, the new entry of the 11 series. This professional model further raises the standards of a range, the 11 series, that already stands out for its travel speed - it easily reaches 30 kilometers per hour - capacity and lifting height, amounting to 2,500 kilos and 3.7 meters, respectively. The technological equipment is also of a high profile. As a matter of fact, the 11.6 K model is equipped with some of the most innovative systems signed by MultiOne, starting with the OneDrive hydraulic transmission that, as the manufacturer explains, reduces power losses caused by internal resistance in the hydraulic circuit by 30 percent. A further technological plus of the MultiOne skid steer loader is its ACI device, designed to allow the operator to manage equipment movements with no need for separate controls, cables or additional wiring. New features of the 11.6 K to be mentioned include the high-strength panels that, in case of impacts, absorb the impact and deform and then return - thanks to the new, resistant and flexible material they are made of - to their original shape. At the Bologna show, the Grumolo delle Abbadesse-based company is also showcasing the EZ 5, the most compact articulated loader in the full electric range. With a width of one meter and a height that does not reach two, the EZ 5 is an excellent working tool for tight spaces and indoor environments. The performance," the MultiOne note also states, "is comparable to that of a vehicle with an endothermic engine, since the 10.8 kWh battery provides the machine with all the power it needs but without polluting emissions. According to data provided by the Vicenza-based company, in "Eco" mode, the skid steer loader can work for up to 6 hours.

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