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Raserba IS 6200, Stage V engine makes its debut

by Giacomo Di Paola
March - April 2021 | Back

A new engine is on the way for the Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower. The American company's top-of-the-range model has an innovative high-performance Stage V fuel system (according to the manufacturer, it delivers 41% more power than previous engines) with low environmental impact.

This is the Caterpillar common rail turbocharged direct injection engine with oxidation catalyst diesel, which, with a displacement of 1700 cc, is able to deliver an impressive 48 horsepower. Thrifty in consumption but generous in performance, the Caterpillar engine is also popular for its torque of 166.5 Nm at 1400 rpm.

Another great advantage of the IS 6200 mower is its independent suspension - single control arms with large coaxial dampers on the front wheel, double cast iron arms (A-shaped) with large coaxial dampers on the rear wheel - designed to minimise wheel vibration and therefore increase mowing speed and protect the operator from the stresses of the machine.

The construction solution adopted by the American company is particularly suitable for working on uneven terrain.

The chassis of the Ferris zero turn mower is also designed for heavy-duty use. Constructed from high-strength tubular steel, it incorporates the rear bumper into its structure, thereby offering greater protection to the engine compartment. Finally, the Triple deck is equipped with one of the American company's flagship features: ICD technology that allows the grass to rise before coming into contact with the blades, thus improving cutting quality.

In addition to side and rear discharge, the Triple plate also has two options for mulching.


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