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Staddle Tractor Concept, the NH super-specialised

by the editorial staff
December 2021 | Back


The innovative Staddle Tractor Concept, designed by New Holland in collaboration with Pininfarina, is a specialised tractor designed to meet the demands of wineries with narrow vineyards, typical of premium crops such as those found in the Champagne, Médoc and Burgundy regions. In these districts, the grapes are grown in rows less than one and a half metres wide, often on steep slopes and small plots of land where harvesting is done by hand, and most of the vine maintenance work is done by tractors that move around the rows. The New Holland concept tractor has a futuristic design reminiscent of the shape of a champagne glass, and a driver's seat that not only offers high standards of comfort and safety, but is also prepared for electric drive in line with New Holland's Clean Energy Leader strategy. The cab, equipped with a wrap-around glass window that offers the operator a wide view of the rows of vines, stands out for its fluid and dynamic lines inspired by the automobile and for a slight slant in the direction of travel. The sporty feel of the tractor is further enhanced by the uncovered chassis. The cab, easily accessible thanks to the large single door and the swivel seat, offers a comfortable environment to which the briarwood interior - designed to recall the wood of the barrels - gives a touch of exclusivity. "Our innovative concept," said Carlo Lambro, brand president of New Holland, "is a testament to New Holland's ongoing commitment to developing solutions to meet the most specialised needs of our customers and heralds further expansion of our wide range of products."



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