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TeleCrawler13S, Hinowa signs electric platform

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

The TeleCrawler13S is the latest Hinowa product, and it will make its debut in Bologna during EIMA 2021. It is a lithium-ion tracked platform - it has a horizontal outreach of 6.4 metres - capable of reaching a working height of 13 metres. Developed from the TC13N model, of which it is the standard version (230 kg), the TC13S is equipped with a "full electric" crawler, with technical features that make the platform even faster, more precise and more manageable for the operator.

The first major strength of the TeleCrawler13S is its compact size (without basket it measures only 369 cm in length, 195 cm in height and 75 cm in width) and its greater stabilisation area (2,679 mm x 3,053 mm). The larger DSE basket (148 cm) with double entry and grid bottom to see under the work surface ensures comfort and safety for the operator. The TC13S has an unrestricted load capacity of 230 kilogrammes across the entire work chart, and is capable of supporting two people weighing 80 kilogrammes and one piece of equipment weighing 70. The technology is also top notch. TeleCrawler13S has an automatic control system for extending the telescopic boom during the ascent/descent, which allows the user to automatically maintain the same distance from the wall to follow a vertical line of up to 9 metres, whether ascending or descending. Thanks to this technology, by keeping the wall distancing in automatic mode the operator can focus on the job at hand without having to continuously adjust the extension of the telescopic arm. The Go Home function, on the other hand, allows the operator to close and align the telescopic boom - automatically and safely - to bring the machine to the transport position with just one button.

The Go Home function is combined with the Go Back function, which stores the last working position of the machine and returns to it automatically at the touch of a button. Innovative solutions also characterise the undercarriage, built from electric traction motors that allow it to move without the use of hydraulic oil. In addition to offering a generous driving torque, the permanent magnet motor technology ensures higher efficiency compared to traditional electric motors and a considerable operating time. The new Hinowa lithium crawler platform can work on muddy soils and considerable slopes. Moreover, the absence of oil in the translation system totally eliminates the risk of leakage on the ground, ensuring the utmost respect for the environment ("zero leakage").

Presented at EIMA 2021, TeleCrawler13S can be used not only in agriculture or for green area maintenance (pruning), but also for painting, cleaning, solar panel installation, maintenance of amusement parks, and the installation and maintenance of electrical systems.



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