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Great performance with the new Hinowa 15.70

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2016 | Back

Hinowa S.p.A unveiled a tracked aerial platform model, the LightLift 15.70 Performance IIIS, at the recent Bauma 2016 in Munich. The articulated structure of the new aerial platform, based on the Goldlift 14.70, is built with high resistance steel and utilizes a pantograph system allowing a constant elevation of 10 meters flush up against a wall and a maximum working height of 15.4 meters. The Performance class jib provides a uniform capacity of 230 kilograms throughout the machine’s entire working area. There is no variation of maximum weight depending on the position of the basket, on the working height and on the extension of the arms, with a constant horizontal working outreach of 6.6 meters. 

On the power side, the Italian manufacturer offers as standard equipment two bi-energy options for the new LightLift 15.70. One is the 390 cc 11.7 SAE Hp Honda gasoline engine with automatic RPM speed control and the other is a 10 SAE Hp Hatz diesel engine with automatic accelerator to ensure efficiency, reliability, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Both power plants are connected to an electric motor which is compatible with a 110 and a 220 Volt power supply.

The Lithium-Ion version is instead equipped with a 36 Volt and 100 Amp/hour lithium battery pack, with a plug-in fast charging system (80% in two hours). This unit substitutes both the combustion engine and the electric motor and allows working without a connection to a mains power supply.

The handling and control of the machine are made simple and immediate by a control panel with a button for stabilization, another for destabilization and a joystick for shifting the aerial mechanics. An easy-to-read display provides the operator with information. Moreover, the new LightLift 15.70 is equipped with a RAHM control and diagnostic system which makes it possible to locate the machine at all times through the on-board GPS installation.  



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