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The "digital life" of Walvoil spa

by Patrizia Menicucci
May - June 2022 | Back

Avaiable online since last May for the general public, the virtual platform Walvoil Home allows you to travel inside the products and activities of Walvoil spa, a company of the Interpump Group, specialising in the design and production of hydraulic and electronic devices of complete mechatronic systems for agriculture, construction and earthmoving, material handling and industrial vehicles.

Through the website, we directly access the digital representation of the Walvoil world, which was initially designed for training purposes for specific targets. We are welcomed by a large open space with transparent walls surrounded by greenery, with an initial overview of the machines that mount Walvoil devices. Then, thanks to several vertical panels, we have a choice of different navigation options. One of them is a globe that provides information on the group's locations on the various continents, with information on the history and operations of the various branches.

Walvoil's production can then be navigated by accessing different panels structured according to the product categories using the various components. For each general heading there is a specific section with the display of different machines.

In the 'agriculture' category we find, for example, a bale wrapper, a round baler, a combine harvester, a front loader, a telehandler and a forestry trailer. Scrolling the cursor over each of these vehicles reveals the Walvoil products that can be used in the machine - for the combine harvester: joysticks, various valves, gear pumps, integrated hydraulic circuits - with the various technical characteristics. Two other panels then provide access to the test area and a reserved area.

For Andrea Ferrari, Global Sales & Marketing Director of Walvoil, the platform should be considered "a constantly evolving environment, a space that grows and gradually tells something more about the Walvoil Group, in Italy and worldwide."


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