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The high technology of the new Fendt 200 VFP

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2020 | Back


The new generation of Fendt 200 VFP specialty tractors, presented last October, will be available from January. This is a range consisting of five models (Fendt 207 Vario, Fendt 208 Vario, Fendt 209 Vario, Fendt 210 Vario, Fendt 211 Vario) with external widths from 1.07 to 1.68 metres and with powers starting from a minimum of 79 reaching a maximum of 124 horsepower. The engine of the new Vario 200 is a 3-cylinder 3.3-litre AGCO Power Stage V, equipped with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (there is no emission gas recirculation system). The major strengths of the AGCO Power engine are the hydraulic tappets - they do not need maintenance - and the electronically controlled Visctronic fan which, working on demand according to the machine's specific needs, helps reduce the tractor's fuel consumption and noise. On the new 200 VFP, the Fendt modifications have also affected the driver's seat, now offered with a more spacious cabin, made safer thanks to the category 2 filtering system (on request it can be equipped with category 4 filtering against dust and liquid pesticides). Ergonomic and functional, the machine's management system - in the field and on the road - combines FendtONE technology that combines a side console with a multifunction joystick, a cross lever, and a 12" terminal. Ground speed, engine rpm and fluid fill levels are displayed on the 10" digital dashboard in the steering column; the dashboard is controlled via the “turn-push” command, also located in the steering column. The Fendt 200 P Vario is optionally available with an intelligent adjustment for the front linkage; the contact pressure can be adjusted via the terminal and ensures optimal traction (even in the transition between slope and flat) and better adaptation to the ground. In addition, the Fendt 200 VFP Vario offers adequate space for mounting complete tools in the front, rear and on both sides for underside tools. The 200 VFP Vario Profi version, equipped with a standard Load Sensing pump (LS) and an optional 3L joystick (useful for managing a defoliator with integrated function for the 3rd hydraulic circuit), is designed for use with very demanding tools. The hydraulic equipment of the Profi version includes Power Beyond connections or two additional hydraulic distributors in the middle, for a total of seven proportional distributors, considering the front lift. The Profi+ setups, on the other hand, offers Smart Farming solutions for narrow track tractors: in addition to the Fendt Guide (formerly VarioGuide) parallel steering system, the Fendt Task Manager and Fendt Task Doc (formerly VarioDoc Pro) system are available. With the Fendt Task Manager, the farmer can create work orders wherever he is and send them directly to the machine; if the Fendt Task Manager is used together with Fendt Guide and the RTK correction signal, the Fendt 200 VFP Vario can move between lines with centimetre accuracy and can process the created areas more efficiently. On board the Fendt 211 VFP Vario model, DynamicPerformance (DP) technology guarantees 10 additional horsepower through a control that is adjusted according to the specific needs: the system detects when certain tractor components that require more power and, consequently, more quantity available through intelligent control. The DP device also comes into play in stationary work and transport, as well as in field operations.


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