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Anno 2018 Numero 2-3

February - March 2018

The new Tank Fuel by Emiliana Serbatoi

Emiliana Serbatoi presented the Tank Fuel with a 110% containment basin at the Verona event. The new line of fuel tanks for storing and dispensing diesel arises from the need to adapt the Modena company’s range to the ministerial decree of 22 November 2017, which entered into force on 5 January 2018, setting new standards for the private dispensing and use of fuel. As the manufacturer explains with a note, this regards above all metal tanks. According to the rules established by the decree of the Ministry of the Interior, the metal single-wall dispensers-distributors must have a containment basin with a volume equal to 110% of the geometric capacity of the tank and must be equipped with four bolts to anchor it to the ground as well as a vent placed at 240 centimetres from the footfall. These regulatory changes have required that Emiliana Serbatoi redesign and adapt its Tank Fuel to the new regulatory standards for all existing capacities (490, 1000, 1300, 2400, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and 9000 litres). Furthermore, last November’s ministerial decree extended the private use of tanks for the storage and dispensing of diesel to all product categories, whereas previously it was limited to agricultural, mining, shipbuilding and road haulage activities. This means that to purchase and use a Tank Fuel it is sufficient to have a VAT number. However, that is not all, because the decree allows you to install fuel dispensers-distributors up to a maximum of 45 cubic metres with tanks of a maximum capacity of 9 thousand per tank. Redesigned in record time, the new Tank Fuels by Emiliana Serbatoi were officially presented at Fieragricola.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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