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Trion, versatile combines from Claas

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2022 | Back

The autumn, marketing began for the new Trion models, 5 and 6-walker combines (with single or double rotor) by the German company Claas. Designed for medium and large farms, and for working with a wide variety of products - from wheat to cola, from maize to soya - the Trions are available with different types of cutting platforms (Cerio, Vario, Maxflex, Convio) up to a maximum width of 12 metres. These are therefore versatile and flexible machines, designed to meet farmers' most diverse working needs. For this reason, the German manufacturer has provided for a wide range of configurations including, among others, the six tracked Terra Trac models and the six Montana version with slope compensation (side slopes up to 18%, longitudinal slopes up to 6%.). There is also a wide range of power ratings: from 258 horsepower for the five-walker model to 435 horsepower for the dual-rotor hybrid version. All models are equipped with the APS pre-separation system which, thanks to the acceleration cylinder (450 mm diameter) and the large threshing drum (600 mm diameter), results in an even feed flow and high threshing capacity. Almost the entire grain is separated by this system - explains the German company in a note. The three segments of the Aps Multicrop are designed to collect different types of crop and can be quickly replaced if necessary, while the main concave can be equipped with different types of quick extraction grids. Also standard on all Trion models is the Jet Stream cleaning system, equipped with turbine fans, hydraulic fan variator and pre-cleaning drop device with dual airflow. The high production capacity of the Claas combine harvesters is supported by an equally high unloading capacity. Depending on the machine model and version, the box volumes can load from a minimum of 8,000 to a maximum of 12,000 litres, at speeds between 90 and 130 litres per second. Furthermore, thanks to the wide rotation angle of the tube (105°), the operator has an optimal view of the product discharge. Residue management in the field is handled by the straw choppers or straw spreaders. The Standard Cut straw chopper is equipped with 52 or 64 blades, while the Special Cut has 72 or 88 blades depending on the width of the machine body. The entire Trion range is powered by new-generation Cummins six-cylinder engines: the 6.7-litre B6.7 Stage V or, for the most powerful models, the 8.9-litre L9 Stage V. All engines are equipped with Common Rail components and operate at a reduced rated speed of 1,900 rpm. During transport, the engine speed is reduced to 1,650 rpm, ensuring quiet operation and fuel economy. In addition, all Cummins are equipped with Dynamic Power technology that automatically adapts power to the type of use for which the machine is intended. An intelligent management system that, according to Claas itself, cuts fuel consumption by 10 per cent. The fuel tank capacity is also large, starting at 600 litres and rising to 1,000 litres on the top of the range. For exhaust gas cleaning, the manufacturer says, 80 or 100 litres of AdBlue can be added. Initially only available on the European market, the Trion is expected to debut on the North American market soon, but not before 2023.




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