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Anno 2016 Numero 10-11

October - November 2016

Vario 500: versatility and motoring efficiency of the new Fendt

Highlighted in the Bologna exhibition spaces, the new 500 Vario, one of the most popular tractors by the German company. From the steering assist to the ever more efficient management of emissions, from the Variotronic terminals to the triple rear PDF, there are many innovations introduced by Fendt on this range of machines

This is one of the most prized product lines of the Fendt range, and today, at EIMA International, the 500 Vario shows off a major facelift. On the eve of the festival, Machinery World previews all the most significant novelties introduced by the German team. Even more efficient emissions with fuel consumption reduced by up to 50%. The new tractors in the 500 range are fully compliant with Stage 4 / Tier 4 Final of the European legislation on emissions and, similarly to what happens for the high-power tractors (700 - 900 Vario), they adopt the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology, electrically adjustable with AdBlue injection and additional engine oil heat exchanger. As explained by the manufacturer with a technical note, this technology was developed with the aim of significantly reducing the use of AdBlue (up to 50% less). The engine is a 4.04 litre four-cylinder Deutz with CommonRail injection and SCR device which offer, together with the Coated Soot Filter (CSF), an efficient solution with regard to fuel economy, in which the passive regeneration occurs without any extra injection in the exhaust flow.

VarioGuide steering assist. So far only available on high-power tractors, the VarioGuide steering assist system in the ProfiPlus variant (operates with an accuracy of 2 to 20 cm) also arrives on the 500 Vario. The operator can choose between two different receivers, depending on the requirements and local characteristics. For the entry-level variant, the NovAtel receiver is available, with EGNOS/WAAS, RTK radio, or NTRIP correction services. In addition to the renowned EGNOS/WAAS, RTK radio, and NTRIP correction services, the Trimble receiver supports other services such RangePoint RTX and CenterPoint RTX. Thanks to the Trimble-xFill technology, the signal holding time is guaranteed up to 20 minutes. Variotronic terminals. All tractor functions and devices are displayed on a single terminal (Vario 7-B and 10.4-B) characterized by a design similar to that of smartphones and commands that are intuitive thanks to the combination of Touch technology and keys. In addition to operating the basic functions of the tractor, the Vario 7-B terminal also enables managing the ISOBUS implements and programing the VariotronicTI headland. In addition, the 10.4-B terminal offers two sockets for the video camera, the VarioGuide steering assist system, VarioDoc Pro documentation, and the transmission of data to a device via Bluetooth.  Triple rear PTO with 1000E PTO. On the PTO, the Fendt 500 Vario achieves a particularly efficient transmission of power thanks to the direct flow from the engine to the PDF. The 1000E optional rear PTO, which completes the range available so far, consists of three PTO speeds (540, 540E, and 1000 for different operations), it has the task of operating the tools aiming at fuel economy, with higher scheme requirements and at the same time with a lower power absorption, increasing the spectrum of use of the tractor.

360° versatility. With a low weight of 6.1 tonnes, the Vario 500 can reach a maximum weight of 10.5 tonnes with attached loads, for a payload equal to some 4.4 tonnes. The new Vario 500 is also available with a flanged axle and a stub joint for a flexible approach of the track width. There are two versions provided by Fendt for the front loader: Fendt Cargo or Fendt CargoProfi, which provides an integrated weighing, shaking, and memorizing function. 


by Giovanni M. Losavio

Keywords: Fendt Vario 500

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