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Zephir by Ricosma, the smart sprayer

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

A sprayer with low environmental impact and minimum product dispersion. This is the design philosophy with which the technicians of Ricosma, a company based in Lonigo (Vicenza) specialized in pesticide treatment machines, have created the Zephir model, one of the most awaited applications in the exhibition spaces of the Venetian company. Designed for working in vineyards, Zephir is equipped with a two-litre tank and with recovery panels (made of polyethylene) which allow the processing of two complete rows at each pass. The widths vary from a minimum of 200 centimetres to a maximum of 320, depending on the row size of the vine variety. The recovery takes place by cohesion through a system of plastic slats: the product is intercepted, filtered and then sent back into the main tank where a litre counter updates in real time the recovered quantities and the level of the tank.

To better calibrate the adhesion to the shoots, it is possible to adjust the distance between the capsules and the air flow, according to the season in which the treatment is carried out and the type of vine, i.e. depending on the volume of foliage to be sprayed. Among the other strengths of the Zephir model, we must mention the great stability of the machine - even on rough or hilly terrain, with slopes of 10-12% - made possible by the connection to the third point of the tractor, which acts as a counterweight.


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