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A milestone for agricultural machinery

A survey conducted by GRS for FederUnacoma confirms the confidence of manufacturers in trade fairs and in particular in the Bologna event. Brand positioning and relations with professional operators are the elements that most motivate companies to participate. "EIMA is an irreplaceable platform for the development of our sector," declared FederUnacoma General Director Simona Rapastella

by the editorial staff
July-August-September 2021 | Back

After the standstill caused by the health emergency, trade fairs are once again the mainstay of the promotional and commercial activities of industrial companies, with even greater force. This is what emerges from an analysis of the sector carried out by the company GRS on behalf of FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers.

The survey, conducted on a large sample of manufacturers and visitors, was presented last July 19 by FederUnacoma's general director, Simona Rapastella, during the Federation's general meeting held in Varignana, near Bologna. The vast majority of the companies surveyed (83%) - underlines the GRS survey - recognise traditional trade fairs as a fundamental market protection. Almost nobody among the manufacturers (2%) thinks that they have outlived their function and that in the future they may be replaced by other types of events. Even higher (95%) is the percentage of visitors who consider traditional trade fairs irreplaceable.

In this scenario, the positioning of an event such as EIMA International, the world exhibition of agricultural machinery, which is holding its 44th edition in Bologna from 19 to 23 October, stands out. "In the specific case of EIMA," explained Rapastella, "the survey shows how the majority of companies in the agricultural machinery sector consider EIMA a strategic event, and how 93% of exhibitors consider it indispensable for strengthening the company brand and meeting high-level professional operators". The GRS survey also shows how technological innovation is, in the perception of exhibitors and visitors, the decisive element for the success of a trade fair event, and for this reason," explained Rapastella, "the organisation of EIMA is betting heavily on previews, technical innovations and 4.0 systems".

EIMA in October, with its approximately 1,500 exhibitors, more than 450 of whom from abroad, is the first major event in agricultural machinery to take place after the health emergency, and the only one to be held in 2021. "This represents a success for the Federation and its organisational structure," concluded Rapastella, "which, even at a time of great uncertainty in the international exhibition landscape, has believed in the value of exhibitions as an irreplaceable platform for our sector’s development.


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