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Antonio Carraro, the specialists "in the field"

by Giovanni M. Losavio
May - June 2021 | Back

The Antonio Carraro range is at "Enovitis in campo", the event held on 1 and 2 July at Pico Maccario di Mombaruzzo (AT). For the occasion, the company from Campodarsego (Padua) will be displaying all the precious pieces of its collection.

TORA. Equipped with 4-cylinder Yanmar Stage 5 engines, the specialised Tora tractors - six models with powers ranging from 52 to 66 horsepower - are multifunctional, super-compact tractors, available in the isodiametric version or with oversized rear wheels and orchard configuration. They are available with ACTIO oscillating frame, articulated frame or with one-way steering wheels, but there is also the possibility of RGS Rev-Guide System reversible steering. The new silent-block driving platform offers the operator maximum comfort, increasing space but without sacrificing the particularly compact characteristics (the external dimensions are unchanged compared to previous models). All Tora models are equipped with a 16 + 16 gearbox with synchronised reverse shuttle.

The R Series. At "Enovitis in campo", Antonio Carraro's flagship tractor is represented by the 10900 R Series models (TRX, TRG, TGF, TTR, SRX, Mach 4 and Mach 2), each with a different configuration: steering wheel, articulated frame, low centre of gravity, wide or super narrow track, right through to the rubber tracks. All 10900 R tractors are powered by a 98hp Kubota Common Rail 4-cylinder electronic fuel injection engine and feature RGSTM rotating turret steering (only the TGF is one-way).

CANbus technology instantly connects the various control units, reducing connections to a minimum to offer the operator comfort and ergonomics (all useful controls located on the dashboard). The range is available with an Air category 4 pressurised cab that provides protection from harmful emissions such as dust, gases and vapours. The TGF model, on the other hand, is equipped with the ultra-compact Protector 100 R super low-profile cab, suitable for work under trees and in narrow rows, even on slopes. The 32-speed (16+16) transmission of the R Series features both a synchronised reverse shuttle - which can be activated while driving - and four-wheel drive with electronic re-engagement control.

The cruise control (Tempomat) with dual engine speed memory is useful for constant speed operations or for switching to different speeds during work in a variety of headland turns.

R TRG 10900 reversible "low" version. Presented at Enovitis with a steering ACTIO chassis with a very low centre of gravity for working on slopes, it has smaller diameter front wheels for narrow and precise steering. This agile and manoeuvrable machine is also suitable for "open field" work and towing operations.

The Air pressurised cab is also fitted to this model. Reversible steering also ensures maximum versatility for use with important vineyard-specific equipment, either towed or applied frontally to the direction of travel, with the tractor in reverse drive.

R TGF 10900. This is a one-way steering model with differentiated wheels, the lowest and most compact of the orchard tractors in the 100 Hp power bracket. It stands out for its extremely compact dimensions and particularly tight turning radius, which enhances its manoeuvring precision.

The R TGF 10900 is an ideal tool for low and awning cultivation, canopy work, greenhouses, but also for sloping terrain, "Y-shaped" orchards and super narrow rows. The minimum height at the bonnet is only 112.5 cm while the Protector 100R cab (174 cm high) has a very low and sleek profile.


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