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Comfort and ergonomics with Efco and Oleo-Mac garden tractors

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2014 | Back

Important new products are on the way from Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia), which has chosen the Bologna trade fair to launch on the Italian market the versatile garden tractors manufactured by Efco and Oleo-Mac, with a rear discharge system, enabling the user to choose whether to deposit the grass on the ground (to the rear) or carry out mulching with the dedicated device (supplied as standard). More specifically, the new products from Emak, with Emak and Briggs & Stratton engines (including two-cylinder versions) stand out for their pedal-operated hydrostatic gearbox, the cutting blade activation system with electromagnetic clutch, the vibration damping frame and the extra-wide tyres (which protect the lawn); all features that add comfort and reliability to the Efco and Oleo-Mac models. Equally innovative are the solutions adopted in terms of design and ergonomics; with an eye to making the driving experience decidedly more pleasant. While on the one hand the distribution of internal spaces has been optimised (particularly the leg space for the driver), thanks to the adjustable seat and steering wheel, which are designed to facilitate access, on the other hand the introduction of a second drive pedal makes managing the vehicle easier, making it possible to adjust the speed and change direction even while emptying the grass catcher. Also designed for ergonomics, but above all for precision, is the blade engagement system, which is activated simply by pressing the electromagnetic clutch control button. The cutting height can be set using a lever with a graduated scale, designed to give a clear and immediate view of the various options available in the seven different positions (from 30 to 90 mm). Provided with a 310 litre grass catcher, a new concept deck, stable and non-deformable, with large front bumpers and a front engine that is extremely effective in the event of accidental impact, Efco and Oleo-Mac garden tractors are sold with a 95, 105 and 125 cm cutting mechanism, according to the size of the area to be mown.


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