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Drago range, the winning heads by Olimac

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2019 | Back

The Drago range, spearhead of Olimac of Margarita (Cuneo), warms up its engines for the 2019 edition of Agritechnica. On display at Hanover there will be the DragoGT, Drago Gold and Drago2 heads, which recently won the international “Highest Retained Value 2019” award from Price Digests, American B2B provider of data on agricultural and non-agricultural machinery. The recognition certifies that five years after purchase, Drago2 is the corn head with the highest market value; in short, a real guarantee of quality and durability. After all, the corn head by Olimac has many constructive “pluses”. First of all, the automatic opening of the corn head plates, which adapts continuously, automatically and independently on each row to the different sizes of the stems, avoiding the loss of cobs and grains. But also the oversized scraping rollers (25% longer than the other heads), which allow the cob to be removed more gently from the plant. Also in the field of international recognitions, the other corn head by Olimac - Drago GT - has received awards several times as a technical innovation. In addition to being equipped with automatic adjustment plates (just like Drago2), the Drago GT head is equipped with cushioned corn head plates. “The shock absorber device - the Piedmontese company explains with a note - dampens the impact of the cobs on the plates. This avoids losses of grains between the plates and the cobs do not bounce away, while the oversized auger prevents possible obstructions to the collection system”. Drago GT also has a double shredder with scissor effect - four blades work on each row, two on one side and two on the opposite side, but with reverse rotation, just like a scissor - expressly designed to improve the decomposition of plant residues by shredding the material even finer. In the sunflower/sorghum head segment, Olimac offers Drago Gold. Sturdy and powerful, the Cuneo company’s head is equipped with an oversized auger that ensures a higher forward speed (eliminating obstructions and loss of seeds) and two clutches on each row group that avoid overloads on the transmission. Drago Gold arrives in Hanover with a new hydraulic stalk chopper, which allows the stalks to be cut close to the ground and only the head of the sunflowers is harvested. In this way - explains Olimac - the combine works faster, losses are reduced to a minimum, and cutting is optimal.


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