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Effective and fast, the Caiman by Valentini

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Caiman is a line of folding stone burier tillers designed by Valentini of Camposampiero (Padua) to meet the production needs of large farms. This is a range of applications with high power demand by the tractor, starting from the 180/400 horsepower of the entry-level model (Caiman 4200), reaching the 320/400 horsepower of the sturdiest application, the Caiman 7200 (which has a working width of 7.7 metres). The stone burier presented at EIMA Show, the Caiman 5700, with a working width of 5.7 metres and a power demand of 240/400 horses, falls in an intermediate section of the range and is prized - like all the other models - for the ability to work not only on hard soils and on stable meadows, but also on soils with a high concentration of crop residues. Thanks to their lateral transmission with four gears (one of Valentini’s “trademarks”), the Paduan company stone buriers are able to offer top-level performance with reduced processing times and reduced fuel consumption. Undoubtedly, among the most significant technical solutions adopted by the Veneto brand we find the increased rotor, which allows the application to work at an even greater depth. Offered in a sledge, roller or bed-former version (for the preparation of seed beds for vegetable crops), the machine is compatible with road transport thanks to the mechanism that closes the frame reducing the overall dimensions.

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