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Rotary tillers for technology, the Raider and Caiman, from Valentini

by Fabrizio Sereni
January 2014 | Back

The technical characteristics of the Raider and Caiman rotary tillers built by Valentini, up for presentation at Fieragricola, are single speed at 1000 rpm, lateral universal joints with clutch discs, two geared lateral transmissions, hydraulic opening and folding with four jacks and a blocking valve, central subsoiler, spring shock absorbers for regulating the grids and rear rollers regulated by four jacks. The manufacturer in Camposampiero, near Padua, has designed these tillers for operations on clayey and rugged soil where the machines, equipped with an adjustable rear grid in hard ox, a wraparound frame and reverse rotation, is capable of creating clean and uniform seedbeds with the same granulometric composition across the entire surface in depth and width. Moreover the implements structure is designed in accordance the prevailing safety norms and closed for accident prevention and sealing off the dust raised during operation. From the point of view of construction, the two product ranges feature the same architecture but differ according to power required, from 130 to 300 HP for the Raider and from 180 to 400 HP for the Caiman. For work width, the former offers the end-user 7.78 meters maximum width and the Caiman width at 5.78 meters. The Valentini rotary tillers making their debuts can also be deployed as stone crushers or transformed into a traditional tiller simply by reversing the rotation and eliminating the rear grid. These tillers can also be equipped with a new Valentini bedding system for the creation of raised seedbed in the size required.


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