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New Emak models in arrival

by the editorial staff
January 2016 | Back

The Emak Group is bringing to the market the 400 and 400 R (reversible) rotary tillers and the 1100 mower for home use under the Bertolini trademark and the corresponding  BRIK, BRIK R (reversible) and the FC 110 mower under the Nibbi trademark. The Bertolini 400 and Nibbi BRICK are ideal machines for homeowners with a small vegetable allotment or garden requiring periodic maintenance of the soil for preparing seedbeds, even in difficult conditions. The 50 cm rotor is especially designed to rotate in the direction opposite to that of the wheels to guarantee maximum control of the machine for a significant reduction in vibrations. These cultivators are built to ensure a high level of comfort for the operator: the handlebars can be adjusted up and down to the best height for the posture of the operator and the on/off switch is built into the grip, along with the throttle lever. The new Bertolini 110 and Nibbi FC 110 mowers feature centrally mounted cutterbars 92 cm long with special teeth designed for cutting grass or forage as well as cleaning operations outside the garden. Also these handlebars are adjustable. These machines feature a Quick-Fit coupling device for connecting accessories, a transmission with oil-bath gears in aluminum and ergonomic controls confirming the great attention in design for the requirements of end-users.  


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