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EIMA International: an "in-tour" exhibition

by Patrizia Menicucci
March - April 2014 | Back

In order to organize the 2014 Eima International edition, scheduled at BolognaFiere from  November 12th to 16th, the Federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers has organized a series of press conferences to promote the exhibition, that from February until October are being held both in Italy and abroad, during the most important trade fairs of the sector.

The meetings aim at illustrating to journalists and economic operators from several countries the features and innovation of the exhibition and besides, offering them logistic support to visit the exhibition in the form of delegation, small groups or individually.

Seven are the presentations held until now. The first meeting was held on February 6th in Verona, Italy, during Fieragricola, followed by the Fima (February 13th) in Spain, Agrishow in Iran (February 19th), Expoagro in Argentina (March 13th), Inagritech in Indonesia (March 18th), then back in Italy in Montichiari (Brescia) with Vita in Campagna (March 21st), and finally the Siam in Morocco (April 25th).

The initiative as a whole is a part of a wider project of internationalization sponsored by the Federation to promote its manufacturing businesses and includes Country studies, agreements with associations of the sector and institutional participation to exhibitions. The press conferences dedicated to the Eima exhibition provide, besides the distribution of illustrative brochures on the event and the federation's activities, the preparation of information related to the prospects of mechanization in host countries and to cooperation opportunities with Italian industry.

More “Eima meetings” have been arranged, or are being scheduled, from June to October within other exhibitions. Events have been organized for Agrishow in Brasil; Eima South East Europe in Albania; Agrosalon in Russia; Ciame in China and Kiemsta in Korea. Other presentations are being organized in Japan, Usa, Australia, Kenya, Algeria, Ukraine and South Africa.

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