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EIMA International: boom for components

The number of exhibitors set to arrive for EIMA Components, the specialized salon within the great agricultural mechanization exposition in Bologna, is approaching 800. Manufacturers from all parts of the world are preparing for the event to put on offer increasingly efficient technologies capable of applying decisive innovations for machinery and equipment for farming and rural lands

by the editorial staff
July - September 2014 | Back

The salon focused on components, EIMA Components, is looking forward to a record-breaking edition. The specialized salon – a part of the EIMA International agricultural mechanization exposition scheduled for November 12 to 16 in the Bologna Trade Fair center – has already reached an all-time high of over 800 manufacturing industries signed up and confirmed ahead of others now put on a waiting list. The 2012 edition drew 760 manufacturers and in comparison to this figure, data released by the Events Office of FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, responsible for the organization of EIMA International, indicate a significant increase. This year’s salon will feature an exposition area of more than 40,000 m², 13% larger than the space allocated for the 2012 edition. Components will take over Pavilions 15, 18, 18bis and 20 and areas in Pavilions 21, 22, 26 e 29bis for the presentation of an immense array of mechanical parts, spare parts, accessories and electronic devices accounting for a total of 353 merchandise categories brought in by their manufacturers from around the globe. Among the countries with the largest representations Italy will claim a prestigious role in the international panorama for the sector alongside those with strong industrial traditions, including the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The salon will also bring together such newly industrialized countries as China, India and Turkey, all aiming to expand their footprints on international markets supplying the manufacturing industries as well as for spare parts and accessories produced directly for end-users.

Massimo Goldoni, president of FederUnacoma, said, “Out of a total of 1,800 exhibiting industries taking part in EIMA International, this means we will have nearly 800 in the components sector alone and this is an indication of how important and vital this mechanical engineering sector is and how farsighted it was to raise the profile of components by dedicating a specialized salon to them within the great Bologna exposition.” Marco Acerbi, responsible for the organization of FederUnacoma events, went on to affirm, “Moreover, components are a a fundamental factor for innovation in the mechanical engineering sector and the success of EIMA Components confirms the way in which this review is truly oriented towards innovation and trained on the great numbers of professional operators interested in everything that can improve the performance, reliability and safety of machinery and equipment used for farming and all activities for the maintenance of rural lands.”



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