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EIMA International, a collective heritage

The pandemic led to an evolution in the international exhibition sector, setting new criteria for competitiveness. Events that are useful in economic and strategic business are rewarded by visitors. EIMA International reflects and anticipates sector trends

by the editorial staff
December 2022 | Back

The Covid emergency has caused a profound transformation of trade exhibition events, dictating new criteria for competitiveness. According to sector analysts, 'post-Covid' trade exhibitions fully confirm their characteristics as a social phenomenon, a collective ritual and an emotionally involving experience, but the element that makes them solid and allows them to thrive even in a rapidly changing landscape is their usefulness in economic and strategic terms.

The Director General of FederUnacoma, Simona Rapastella, spoke on this topic at the press conference for the presentation of EIMA International 2022, focusing on the new scenarios of the global exhibition system. Structures specialised in monitoring the exhibition sector such as GRS, Rapastella pointed out, believe that this factor is gaining increasing weight in guiding the choices of operators and that in the coming years it will strengthen the role of specialised and business-oriented exhibition events.

As the analysts' reports point out, the crisis caused by the pandemic has led to a selection between those events considered fundamental for growth and business development and those considered optional, initiating a trend that is expected to become more pronounced in the coming years, to the detriment of those events that do not produce clearly measurable results. "The exhibition is a system that attracts all the players in the supply chain, from designers to end users, from technicians to the political world, and this," said Rapastella, "makes it not only useful, but beneficial in economic and strategic terms". 

EIMA International, which in 2021 was the only international event in the sector to be held under health restrictions, owes its success precisely to its ability to reflect the most current trends in the sector and to set new and increasingly high quality standards. "EIMA 2021 was successful," added the FederUnacoma general manager, "because it was considered by manufacturers and the trade public as an event aimed at professionals, truly necessary for business activities". The 2022 edition will focus more strongly on the levers of internationality, innovation, and services for business activities, which - it was reiterated at the press conference - have always been the distinguishing features of an exhibition such as this one that aims at maximum rationality in the subdivision of products, in the organisation of services, and in the enhancement of the investment made by exhibitors and visitors.

"Among the elements that most characterise the EIMA exhibition," concluded Rapastella, "is its 'communicative' nature, the fact that it is direct in its relations with companies and operators, attentive to recounting every aspect of the vast world of agricultural machinery. EIMA puts companies, organisations and institutions in a position to express their content so that the exhibition can be something that belongs to everyone and that everyone contributes to making great".

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