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Enoagricola Rossi, innovative technologies for haymaking

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

At EIMA Show 2018, the Perugian company Enoagricola Rossi (based in Calzolaro di Umbertide) deployed the spearheads of its range.
DM 6 3C. This is a lateral rear-mounted 6-disc mower with hydraulic lifting (it adapts to the terrain profile thanks to the mechanical suspension). The DM 6 3C model has a total working width of 2.45 metres for a total weight of 500 kilos, and is characterized by a forward speed of 10-14 km/h. The cutting bar in oil bath is composed of 6 discs with 3 blades.

Enostorm 300. This is a front-mounted 7-disc mower with a working width of 3 metres (910 kg weight) and hydraulic lifting (the machine adapts to the terrain profile thanks to the mechanical suspension). Here too, the cutting bar - with 7 discs and two blades per disc - is in an oil bath and is designed to work with the 1000 RPM of frontal PTOs. Enostorm 300 is equipped with a twin rotary rake (left and right) to avoid treading on the cut that has just been made.

Vortex G4V 520 3PH. This is a rear-mounted hay tedder with 4 rotors with 6 rotor arms (working width of 5.2 metres for a weight of 600 kg).  Equipped with a floating 3-point hitch with integrated shock absorbers, the application has a hydraulic opening and closing system with mechanical safety device for road transport.

Enoduo O 610. Structure with 54 teeth, 6.1 metres working width, 1100 kg in weight, three-point floating attachment, road clearance of only 2.5 metres. These are the technical features of this mounted rotary rake with two impellers with two nine-arm rotors. The oscillating rotors allow the machine to adapt to the contour of the terrain, while the intersection of the arms ensures an optimal cleaning of the swath.

Maximus Rake 14. Towed hay rake equipped with 14 star wheels placed in front of the supporting frames that provide a working width of 7.5 to 8.3 metres (the road clearance is 2.55 for a weight of 1.5 tonnes), with the option of working with only one side. The machine is equipped with 3 central stars (hydraulic drive), which clean the swath, while the hydraulic swath width adjustment system provides a maximum travel of 80 cm.

Easy Rake 14 ST. This is a towed stellar hay rake with 14 star wheels placed in front of the supporting frames; it has a working width of 8.3 metres (adjustable by hydraulic means without changing the swath) with a road clearance of 2.55 metres and a weight of 1.7 tonnes. The application is characterized by the two hydro-powered central stars (cleaning the swath), the closed-circuit self-steering hydraulic system and the four pivoting shock-absorbing wheels.


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