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Faresin, highly innovative technological solutions

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

Proposing highly innovative technological solutions to the market, designed to make farmers' work smarter and more efficient and, therefore, to raise the performance bar even higher. This is the philosophy that has always guided and oriented Faresin Industries of Breganze (Vicenza) and that has led to the creation of two new entries - the self-propelled mixer wagon Leader PF3 and the telescopic handler FS 9.32 Compact - that will both make their debut at EIMA 2022. Presented as a world premiere at EIMA 2022, the Leader PF3 model was also awarded the Technical Mention award at the Bologna event, was designed to meet the needs of livestock farms with more than a thousand head of cattle. The machine therefore stands out for its high production capacity - mixing tanks range from 30 to 36 cubic metres - which, however, is not at the expense of agility. The new Faresin mixer wagon has been designed to access even the tightest places thanks to its three steered axles (the front and rear have permanent four-wheel drive), and the servo-hydraulic steering system for all axles. The PF3 wagons are equipped with the ECOTRONIC system, a new technology that links all of the machine's devices together and allows activities to be programmed according to the raw materials used to feed the animals. This technology thus optimises the loading, cutting and mixing operations of the Unifeed, significantly improving its quality. With the ECOTRONIC system, it is also possible to rationalise energy consumption, as it allows it to be dosed according to the specific needs of each of the operations in the process. The new FS 9.32 Compact telehandler is featured on the Faresin stand in Bologna, with a maximum capacity of 3.2 tonnes and a working height of 9 metres. The new range is characterised by a boom with two extending sections and an attractive design: the bonnet is lowered and tilted to slope over the front right wheel, thus improving the operator's visibility. The performance of the oversized hydraulic system is also noteworthy, with flow rates from 120 to 180 litres/minute, giving the machine operational versatility and ensuring fast work cycles.


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