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New Faresin telescopic handlers ready for the Internet of Things

by Emanuele Bredice
November 2023 | Back

Faresin FS Middle series was unveiled for the first time at the 'Celebrate the Future' convention held on 29 September to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. Now the new telescopic handlers from the company from Breganze (in the province of Vicenza, Italy) are also making their debut at the Agritechnica exhibition located in Hanover. The next generation FS Middle models, prepared for 'Internet of Things' technology, are agile and versatile, and have been designed by Faresin engineers for use in both agricultural and construction contexts. The line includes machines with booms ranging from 7 to 10 metres in height and with load capacities of up to 4 tonnes.

Propulsion is by a Deutz Stage V 4-cylinder engine, equipped with DOC+DPF+SCR anti-pollution systems, with the exception of the 55 kw which has DOC+DPF, and with power outputs ranging from 55 kw to 100 kw. FS Middle presents itself to the public at Agritechnica with the design of the FS series, characterized by hoods with a notably tapered slope on the right front wheel, which significantly improves visibility.

The cab has also been designed to provide a 360° view and reduce blind spots as much as possible, including large anti-glare windows and an extended windscreen.

The interior has been designed for better ergonomics and more intuitive operation of the controls. Via the 5" or 7" display, all operating parameters of the engine and machine accessories can be viewed.

The highlight of the new series is the hydrostatic continuously variable transmission HVTronic, which allows comfortable travel up to 40 km/h. HVTronic combines the displacement variation of the two hydrostatic motors with the variation of the mechanical ratio, thanks to the two-speed gearbox and multi-disc clutch that allows no torque interruptions during shifting.

Thanks to this technology, the operator can count on a smoother ride and maximum traction at all times, simply by pressing the accelerator pedal.

Another plus of the FS Middle range is the robust S420 steel boom, which - the company says in a note - thanks to the Ecofast-E valve (available in some versions), ensures smooth and fast movements even at low speeds. In addition, with electronic load compensation, working safety is improved, ensuring optimal vehicle control. To simplify daily machine use and raise the level of safety in all working conditions, Faresin has introduced numerous smart functions (available on request). Among the options, operators will be able to choose to limit boom movements in height when working in confined spaces, such as low ceilings or where there are obstacles on the ground. In addition, the speed of the boom (raise/lower, extension and swing) can be individually adjusted for faster or slower operation.

The control of some attachments, such as the bucket, is facilitated by certain functions such as automatic boom retraction or bucket shaking.

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