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Farming Simulator, released version 22

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2021 | Back

On November 22, Farming Simulator version 22 was released. This is the popular virtual farming simulation platform for PC and consoles, released in 2008 by the Swiss company Giants Software, developer and publisher of the game. As compared to the previous versions, version 22 features three new environments and maps – Southern France, Midwest, and Alpine region – designed to immerse gamers, even in multiplayer mode, in the winter agriculture dynamics.

Other implementations concern not only the game physics and the sound sector, which is now even more immersive, but also the machinery made available to virtual farmers.  In fact, Farming Simulator 22 allows to choose among more than 400 different types of vehicles (operating machines, self-propelled vehicles, equipment and tractors) faithfully reproducing in the digital world the mechanical and technological characteristics of the real models. According to the developer's website, the new release also includes a wider range of crops, from grapes to olives and sorghum.  From a strictly technical point of view, Farming Simulator 22 benefits from the GIANTS Engine 9 (DirectX 12 technology with NVIDIA DLSS support) optimizing the rendering of streaming textures and improving graphics performance on all video game platforms.  "Farming Simulator 22 is the first self-produced and globally distributed title, and one of the richest in the series (12 versions have been released since 2008, ed.).

We are proud of the work done - said Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS - which for us represents a starting point to further improve.  Such enthusiasm, as expressed by Ammann, was directly reflected in the market, since in just one week more than 1.5 million copies were sold.  This figure may not be a record for the video game sector, but it certainly is for the Swiss production company. 



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