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Anno 2020 Numero 10-11

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October - November 2020

FederUnacoma, new directors elected

The board members of the five industry associations that make up FederUnacoma, the Federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers, have been renewed. The members of the General Board have also been elected. Appointed on alternate years from the chairman and deputy chairman, the directors will remain in office for two years, renewable with a mandate that may be renewed

The general meeting of FederUnacoma (Italian Federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers) held in Bologna on Thursday 24 September hosted the elections for the renewal of the Boards of the five associations that make up the Federation.

All together 24 directors were elected, divided as follows: eight for Assomao (the association that brings together the manufacturers of operating agricultural machinery); three for Assomase (self-propelled machines); four for Assotrattori (tractors); six for the Comacomp (components), and three for the Comagarden (gardening machinery and equipment).

In addition to the directors of the individual associations, the general meeting also voted for the seven members of the General Board of the Federation, chosen not as a quota of the individual associations but across the board, within the entire membership base. In accordance with the articles of association adopted by Confindustria, the newly elected members of the individual Boards and of the General Board will remain in office for two years (with a mandate that may be renewed) and are in addition to the positions of Chairman of the Federation and of Chairmen of the individual associations, which were defined with the 2019 elections, staggered by one year by regulation, and which will therefore expire in June 2021.

by the editorial staff

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