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Gallignani revising roundbaler lineup

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2014 | Back

The Gallignani brand in the Kverneland Group is unveiling three new roundbaler models at EIMA International. The first up for a preview is the GF 255 variable chamber equipped with 5/7 front rollers plus chain and rear bars designed for work on humid materials or dry while ensuring the production of a high density bale. Two cutting systems are available for the GF 255, the SuperCut with 14 knives and a chop length of 70 mm and the SuperCut with 25 knives for a chop length of 40 mm which provides short and precise chops to guarantee a smooth flow of the materials into the baler. The binding systems on offer can be for twine, net or both. This baler model is controlled by ISOBUS technology developed by Kverneland Group Mechatronics which can be supplied with the Focus monitor. The GF 225 can also be equipped with the SuperFeed rotor with ultimate capacity and the DropFloor, standard on FeedRotor and SuperCut models.

The winning features of the Series GV 400, the GV 416 and GV 418, are high productivity pick-ups at lengths of 2 m or 2.2 m and the ability of these balers to handle a variety of materials, silage, hay and straw for the production of bales with diameters from 0.6 to 1.85 m. These models support three fork feeder systems. These are the F, a single fork, the FD dual-fork version, and the D SuperFeed rotor system. As for the GF 225, the GV 400 machines can be fitted with the 14 or 25 knife SuperCut. With this system the knives are equipped with dual action protection against foreign objects. Each knife is individually spring protected and can move in two directions. If a smaller obstacle hits the knife, it will pivot backwards without loosing cutting quality and if a larger obstacle hits the knives they can pivot downwards into a safe position and then immediately return to working position once the obstacle has passed.

The L and XL extra wide pick-ups are also available for the Series GV520, for the two models on the market, the GV 516 and GV 520, designed by the Gallignani technicians

for the production of optimum 2 m diameter bales with excellent structure and density. Thanks to the baling chamber Intelligent Density system the operator can monitor the bale zones, set the soft core to let the bale breathe and gradually increase pressure towards the outer layer. Moreover, the Intelligent Density bale chamber provides a combination of 3 rollers and 5 endless belts to ensure smooth bale rotation and reduced crop loss, even in dry conditions. Yet another strong point for the GV 520 is the DropFloor function for non-stop ISOBUS compatible operations.  


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