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GreenLifeTire, the eco-friendly wheels from Mecaplast

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February 2022 | Back

The company Mecaplast, based in the Reggio Emilia area (in Ghiardo di Bibbiano), has been in the production market for over 45 years, boasting a strong specialisation in mould design and construction and in plastic injection moulding. The use of state-of-the-art production equipment - the moulding department is equipped with 10 injection moulding machines ranging from 60 to 380 tonnes, with Kluin Wijhe B.V. injection units and Maxi Melt plasticizing screw specific for technopolymers - and the experience accumulated in four decades of activity, has allowed Mecaplast to specialize also in Metal Replacement - which involves the use of high-performance polymers instead of metal, to improve the mechanical and functional characteristics of a wide range of products, entering very diversified market segments. The Emilian company's latest innovations concern agricultural machinery, in particular seeders, for which Mecaplast has developed GreenLifeTire, a new generation of wheels that - the manufacturer explains in a technical note - thanks to the quality of the polymers used in the production process, offer top-level technical performance and high resistance to abrasion and wear, cutting and its propagation, bead breakage and rim breakage. Characterized by considerable mechanical strength and load resistance, GreenLifeTire wheels have a low weight, which contributes to a reduction in dynamic stress and tractive force (resulting in lower fuel consumption) and have a high elastic response that facilitates the release of wet soil from the tyre. The wheels developed by Mecaplast are innovative not only in terms of performance but also in terms of environmental impact. Thermoplastic tyres and technopolymers are also highly sought-after materials on the regenerated plastics market - says the Reggio Emilia-based company. In the event of replacement, GreenLifeTire wheels can be sold to companies specialising in regeneration and are therefore not subject to disposal taxes. On the other hand, Mecaplast itself offers a discount to customers who replace used GreenLifeTires, for the purchase of new wheels.


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