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Anno 2014 Numero 5-6

May - June 2014

John Deere Combines? Made in Germany

By the end of 2014, John Deere will be producing its S Series of combined harvesters at the company’s factory at Zweibrücken, enabling these powerful  machines too to be labelled, Made in Germany.

“Being able to say that our W, T and S Series combines are made in Germany is another very important achievement,” said Ralf Gaa, director of the Zweibrücken factory. “By producing the S Series there too, we’ll also improve significantly our response to growing demand for high-capacity axial combine harvesters.”

A company statement said the harvesters to be moved to this new production site are the S680 with 547 Hp, the S690 with 626 Hp, and the ‘i’  versions of the two machines designed specifically for European crops and conditions.

The S Series has a single rotor toothed grain separation and threshing section  billed as ensuring maximum performance and top grain and straw quality. The hopper holds 14,100 litres so that, working only an hour, the two machines can harvest 70-75 tons of wheat or 100-120 tons of maize.

Handling of waste is extremely flexible and adaptable to a broad range of working conditions. The S Series’ intelligent solutions include the new ICA or Interactive Combine Adjustment system. This is designed to minimise losses and increase straw and grain quality by giving the operator a choice of harvesting procedures.

“We have fifty years of experience in making combines for the European and international market,”  noted Gaa. “We have invested about €20 million in the new assembly line, infrastructure and quality control.”

by the editorial staff

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