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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Kohlers hybrids K-HEM is in parallel

The new Kohler units are based on the concept of parallel hybrid, which is different from the series hybrid. As the manufacturer explains, while the hybrid in series involves the transformation of chemical energy into mechanical energy, which in turn is transformed into electrical energy, the hybrid in parallel is a technology capable of simultaneously delivering mechanical energy (which derives from the chemical energy) and electricity that comes from the battery pack.

In this way it is possible to use simultaneously mechanical and electrical energy, however, the machine is also able to use only mechanical or electrical energy. For OEM,  an advantage of the Kohler hybrid units in parallel - the K-HEM - is the ability to connect them to the hydraulic system of the machines (as happens with endothermic engines) and then - even later - upgrade the electrical management of the utilities. In short, a solution similar in some way to plug and play because it does not necessarily require the constructive re-planning of the vehicle. The power thresholds identified by Kohler for its hybrids are of two types:  19 kW (this is the limit beyond which the Stage V standard introduces the use of the DPF) and 56 kW, “step” beyond which the use of the SCR is also required. It is precisely for these power bands that the K-HEM 2504 model was conceived, the hybrid electric and mechanical unit is composed of a KDI 2504TCR diesel engine with 55.4 kW (compliant with Stage V regulation and without SCR), and from the 48 Volt electric engine that guarantees 19.5 kW peak and 9 kW continuous.  K-HEM 2504 stands out for its efficient PDF management (recharge the battery pack) and for its perfect integration with the KOHLER KDI 2504TCR engine. These features make the K-HEM models particularly suitable for welders, forklifts, telescopic lifts, wheeled or tracked blades, chippers and tensioners.

by Fabrizio Sereni

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