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Kverneland: top performance for the 53100MT BX

by Giacomo Di Paola
March - April 2019 | Back

The latest addition to the Kverneland family is the belt swath merger for the 53100MT BX triple combination mower conditioner with a working width of 10 metres. As the manufacturer explains with a technical note, this is a technology designed to improve the performance of the machine, making full use of its potential while also guaranteeing top quality processing. The swath merger enables the optimization of the working width and the overlap of the mower conditioner, adapting to them - independently from the position of the cutting units - the speed of the belt. The speed increases when the cutting units are moved sideways to adjust the overlap, and decreases when the user increases the working width near the corners. If one of the units were to be deactivated automatically, the device will also exclude the belt’s transmission. The other great advantage of the technology developed by the Norwegian company is the option to customize the swath according to the different operational needs. “With the new BX belt, the user can group two swaths into one, thus allowing the application to work in the most effective way even with large quantities of product, as in the case of those first cuts that - explains the manufacturer - risk leading to the formation of swaths that are too wide. To adjust the height of the swaths, you just need to adjust the speed of the belts”. When the machine reaches the headland, the AutoStop device deactivates the cutting units and then automatically reactivates them during the next pass, while the automatic system increases the speed of the belts, in order to unload the product on the ground and leave the headland clean and tidy. With the 53100MT BX triple combination mower conditioner, the operator can form a single large swath or three single swaths, and can also perform spreading operations on open fields.

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