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Leader Compact: small in size and great in technology

by the editorial staff
May - June 2014 | Back

Efficiency and customer satisfaction are the basic criteria behind the new product from Faresin Industries, the Leader Compact mixer wagon with great performance built on a compact scale. The new arrival is described as a machine “born in the stall for the stall”.

The scaled down Leader Compact, smaller than big brother Leader Standard, is agile to make it ideal for small stables with low entryways but where the work of a mixer wagon is essential. The concept behind the design of the wagon came from the Faresin Deutschland division to confirm the excellent work of the Faresin Industries staff in interpreting the needs of farmers and livestock raisers. The machine carries all the technological advantages built into the bigger models in a compact version to provide all the benefits gained by the Standard and Ecomix models. The self-propelled one vertical auger compact is built on a 2.55 m frame for the 12 and 14 m³ versions and a 2.80 m frame for the 16 m³ model, with a geometric construction concept which ensures a high quality mix and features a turning radius of 3 m with the possibility of keeping all four wheels in steering mode. The cutter channel is 800 mm and the machine is powered at 130 Hp.

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