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M8 Multi Merge, all the quality of the Alfaspeed windrower

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2016 | Back

The M8 Multi Merge is an innovative belt rake windrower by Alfaspeed in the IG Group in Russi, near Ravena, debuting for public view at the Bologna event. The manufacturer has said their Alfaspeed belt rake windrower, unlike traditional models, guarantees optimum cleanliness of the product and sensitive operations, especially for such fragile forage as medicinal plants. Moreover, the implement created by the Ravenna company is certain to be praised for its quick transformation from one configuration to another according to changing work requirements thanks to the simple but impressive design and reduced weight. On this latter feature of the M8 Multi Merge what is especially noteworthy in that this design makes the belt rake compatible with more compact tractors, starting with 80 HP, and ensures maximum sensitive care for the product picked up and transported to the windrow. On the matter of great compatibility and another important characteristic of the Alfaspeed machine is the hydraulic pump for the management of the belts by the windrower suitable for all types of tractors.

For setting up the configuration for operations the operator has a joystick at hand on the driver’s seat for hydraulics control for shifting almost instantaneously from a single windrow to a parallel pair or a central windrow.

Also of interest to report is that the construction features of this model make it possible to set the rake to the minimum height possible for even more sensitive treatments, the speed of the belts can be regulated, the wings opening and closing devices are independent so work can be performed with one wing alone, the compact design facilitates moving the windrower from one field to another by road transport.  

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