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Massey Ferguson's global tractor range

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

A line of tractors designed both to guarantee reliability and performance in a wide range of uses and to adapt to the needs of farmers around the world. This is the new Massey Ferguson Global Series, offered in versions without cab, semi-platform and with cab, which will see the debut – at EIMA International 2014 – of the MF 4708 and MF 4709 models (without cab or semi-platform versions with logical controls and ROPS frame protection). These are the first two models of a series consisting of three ranges with four different transmission modules for a power range from 60 to 130 horsepower. "These machines are state of the art, based on an investment of 350 million dollars and conceived to achieve a completely new design. While using the latest tools and the most innovative production techniques, they retain the ease of operation, reliability and value for money that set us apart," said Campbell Scott, Director of Brand Development for the US manufacturer. And it is precisely because of this global outlook that the latest Massey Ferguson models faced such a demanding selection test, with more than 36,000 hours of testing in the workshop and field trials in the most extreme conditions, from Arizona to Zambia. So it is no accident that the African countries, followed by the Middle East, are the ones where marketing of the new range will begin, with the MF 4708 model. It is an 82 Hp tractor which, for these countries, is fitted with AGCO POWER 4.4-liter four-cylinder engines with turbocharger and Tier 2 mechanical injection system in combination with the 8F+8R transmission complete with mechanical reverse shuttle. Following this, first in Turkey and then in Europe, it will be the turn of the 95 Hp MF 4709, marketed in this region with AGCO POWER 3.3-liter 3-cylinder engines with turbocharger mated to a 12F+12R gearbox, again with mechanical reverse shuttle. Both models are equipped with a robust rear axle fitted with new inboard reduction units and oil-immersed brakes. In addition to the open-centre high pressure hydraulic system, the two tractors also share a 3,000 kg electronic lift (a tandem pump provides the pressure and flow required to handle latest-generation implements) and an independent 540 rpm PTO with 3-position rocker switch.


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