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Maxisoil 350: the "maxi" soil tiller signed by Seppi

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

At Eima International is on stage one of the most robust and marketed models of soil tillers and stone crushers. It is the MAXISOIL 350, developed by the business Seppi from Caldaro (Bolzano) for tractors between 300 and 500 Hp. The structure reflects the different tasks – definitely heavy – for which the machine has been intended. The rotor (patented by Seppi) displays in fact an optimized combination of SUPER-AX tools with additional tips of tungsten carbide for those parts which are more subject to wear and tear, while the integrated cooling of the gear transmission, with temperature remote control device, has the task to prevent a potential overheating in case of prolonged working operations. In addition, the Hardox replaceable anti-wear chassis is synonymous with resistance to mechanical stress, as well as the ADAM alignment system that improves the adaptation to soil of the machine. “Furthermore, this characteristic of “angular compensation” – is explained in a technical note by the manufacturer – protects input shaft and PTO, of both tractor and MAXISOIL 350, from mechanical stress due to harsh ground”. The standard set up of the new tiller by Seppi implies an electronic control system of functions regarding the application's security. This control system regards also the pipes (and nozzles) through which, during crushing, is supplied a mixture of sand lime and water. Combined with the mulcher, this mixture is distributed in front of the rotor and creates a compact surface (as a road). Among the other new products signed by Seppi, are the shredders for H3 excavators, which replace the old series H-SML. Compared to the previous models, the H3 are provided with a more compact chassis (made of Hardox steel), an integrated parallelogram for adaptation to soil and a fusible plug (which protects the hydraulic engine in case of improper assembly or use). In the sector of high power is the new S9 range, with a width from 175 to 300 cm and a power supply from 70 to 180 Hp, which takes over from the OLS series. Among the most relevant technical features, is the interchangeable HARDOX® chassis, a reinforced support roller, a more robust rotor and the SMO steel hammers.     

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