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Mechanisation, the Club of Bologna celebrates its 30th meeting

by the editorial staff
November 2021 | Back

Sustainable growth of agricultural mechanisation, market scenarios, innovative machines and technologies for highly specialised crops. These are the main topics covered during the meetings of the Club of Bologna, the international organization composed of top experts in the sector which met once again during the 44th edition of EIMA International and which this year celebrated the thirtieth meeting since its foundation.

The Club of Bologna was established in 1989 on FederUnacoma’s initiative with the aim of analysing the world landscape of agricultural machinery and defining possible development strategies for the worldwide agro-mechanical sector, promoting the exchange of experiences between scholars, companies and international organisations regarding best practices. "When we were born there were 51 of us, today there are 94", said the President of the organisation, Professor Paolo Balsari, at the start of the meeting. "The establishment of the Club of Bologna was one of our best investments for the expansion of the sector," added FederUnacoma president Alessandro Malavolti, speaking at the organisation's opening meeting.

The Club of Bologna is made up of academics from the world's top universities and researchers, as well as representatives of government agencies and industry associations involved in research, innovation and support for industrial growth. A total of 28 countries are represented in the Club. In addition to Italy, these include the United States, Russia, Germany, Norway, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. Since 1989, the organisation, which is planning to expand the participation of experts from Africa and Oceania, has tackled 277 thematic issues, with particular emphasis on the need to support and enhance technology transfer to companies by research centres.


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