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Anno 2020 Numero 12

December 2020

MF 1700 M tractors, sturdy and compact

A line of compact double-drive tractors designed for horticultural, municipal and landscaping applications. This is Massey Ferguson's new MF 1700 M series with four-wheel drive which, powered by Stage V engines up to 65 horsepower, offers a wide range of options for both the driver's seat (cab or platform) and the transmissions (hydrostatic or mechanical). “With the introduction of the MF 1700 M series we have renewed our range of machines designed for small farms, and for use in landscaping and services,” explains Francesco Murro, Massey Ferguson Marketing Director for Europe and the Middle East. "We took a cue from the renewal of the range to improve the specifications of compact tractors, increasing their productivity and comfort. All this - continues Murro - benefits not only the professional operators, but also for hobbyists". Going into detail on the MF 1700 M tractors, the agile and vigorous 35 horsepower MF 1735 M and 40 horsepower MF 1740 are ideal tools for cutting jobs.  Indeed, both machines are offered with a factory-fitted 60-inch three-blade mowing system. Cutting heights are adjustable from the seat, with eight levels from 25 mm to 115mm, and the plate offers 150 mm of ground clearance thanks to wider tyres. The Stage V common rail engine features All-In-One after-treatment technology. It is an automatic regeneration system, whose components are incorporated into a single unit positioned under the hood. The standard transmission is hydrostatic Servo HST with three ranges (maximum speed is 34 kilometres per hour), easy to use with a single pedal and a forward and reverse shuttle lever easily accessible under the steering wheel. The 540/540 Eco rear PTO is equipped with modular ignition and a new automatic stop mode that disengages the gear when the tractor is in reverse or stationary. In addition to the rear, the MF 1735 M and MF 1740 also have a central PTO at 2,000 rpm, again as standard. The 1,200-pound lift's auxiliary pump delivers 41.5 litres per minute while a dedicated steering pump ensures that there is no reduction in oil flow when turning. For operators who are all about productivity, Massey Ferguson has provided - again as part of the 1700 series - a 49 horsepower tractor (MF 1750 M) and a 67 horsepower (MF 1765 M), both with three-range HST hydrostatic transmission (to change direction, just use the shuttle lever), and an air-conditioned cab. Power is provided by a 2.41-litre four-cylinder turbo Stage V engine with common rail injection and All-In-One after-treatment system. A dedicated switch allows operators to memorize two engine speeds, so the driver can quickly and immediately select the ideal working speed for the type of equipment used. Like the more compact models, the MF 1750 M and MF 1765 M have a single central PTO with 2,000 rpm and an independent two-speed (540/750) rear PTO with modular ignition, depending on the load. Lifting capacity is 1,580 kilos for the MF 1750 M and 1,600 kilos for the MF 1765 M. The latest two models in the range, MF 1755 M (54 horsepower) and MF 1765 M (67 horsepower) are designed for farmers who use light and compact machines. Available in cab and platform versions, and equipped with mechanical gearbox, they are ideal machines for working in small fields, vineyards, orchards, but also in specialized crops or riding stables.

The mechanical gearbox has 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, for a total of four gears in three ranges, which are changed via levers conveniently mounted along the seat. Also on these two models, the changes of direction are made with the shuttle lever. The introduction of the Series in Italy is being evaluated.


by Giovanni M. Losavio

Keywords: Massey Ferguson
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