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MF TH lifts get a comfort makeover

by Fabrizio Sereni
July-August-September 2021 | Back

Important news at Massey Ferguson, where the new MF TH range of telescopic lifts makes its debut. A completely new cab, a smoother and more productive hydrostatic transmission and new Stage V 3.4-litre four-cylinder engines (from 100 to 135 horsepower) are the main innovations that the American AGCO group manufacturer has introduced with the restyling of its vehicles.

Particular attention was given to the redesign of the driver's seat. The cab is now more spacious and has been made more comfortable by the introduction of an air-suspension seat that compensates for uneven ground and is equipped with automatic height and weight adjustment and a reduction in noise levels (quantified by the manufacturer at 2.5 dBA for road operations and 4 dBA for loading). In terms of comfort, the MF THs also offer a wide view of the working area thanks to the rounded cab design, lower bonnet profile and repositioned mirrors at the rear (they are placed higher).

The ergonomic innovations are also worthy of note. The new Massey Ferguson telescopic lifts now come with a Power Control lever as standard equipment. Located under the steering wheel, the lever makes it very easy to control three different machine functions: forward and reverse travel, hydrostatic gear change and neutral. As the company explains in a technical note, the operator can simultaneously control both the transmission (with the left hand) and the load (with the right). Another new feature is the 5-inch colour screen: as well as displaying operational information, it can be used to select steering modes (including the new 'semi-crab'), while the intuitive menu makes it easy to navigate through the settings.

A 7" touch version is also available as an option. To further enhance the ergonomics of the driver's seat, the manufacturer has introduced a 'tailor-made' multifunction joystick. This is not only smoother than its predecessor, but also offers more precise management of the hydraulics and transmission. Less tiring to operate, the joystick can replicate the functions of the MF Power Control lever, allowing the choice of directional and transmission control modes. Meanwhile, the forward speed can be set via a hand throttle where the driver selects a predefined value; to change this, simply step on the pedal. Another important new feature of the joystick is the bucket shaker button, which helps to fill and empty the bucket, allowing the operator to control the duration and extent of the action.

Precise and high-performance, the hydraulic system has a load sensor and is capable of delivering up to 190 L/min on 135 Hp models and 100 L/min on 100 Hp models with proportional electro-hydraulic controls on all functions. These features enable it to deliver high lift capacity even at low engine speeds. Overall, the new MF TH Series comprises six models: the two agile semi-compacts MF TH 6030 and MF TH 7030 (just 2.1 m wide x 2.1 m high with a 3 t lift capacity) and four standard models with capacities ranging from 3.4 t MF TH 6534 to 4.3 t for the top-of-the-range MF TH 8043.




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