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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Multirate, Kverneland's smart fertilization

Efficient use of fertilizer is a very important factor for crop development, but increasing productivity, understood as increasing yields and reducing costs, requires greater precision in fertilizing interventions. Once again, the solution comes from technological innovation, and its name is Multirate. "It is becoming increasingly important to have the ability to handle multiple doses within the working width of the machine," explains Jeroen van Turenhout, Kverneland's senior international product manager - but to get the right amount of fertilizer in a specific area of the field, the working width needs to be divided into several sections. Today, with the Multirate technology, our Geospread fertilizer spreader provides the option to manage up to 8 different sections, each with its own distributed dose". The CenterFlow system characterized by 8 blades per disc, ensuring a perfect overlap in the driving direction and between passes, while the pre-chamber gently brings the product to the speed of rotation of the discs, drastically reducing crushing and dustiness̀. In short, it is a guarantee of constant flow and uniformity of distribution. Another strength of the new Geopsread Kverneland is theIsoMatch FarmCenter, which supports the exchange of data between the field and the farm. In addition to the traceability of the fleet and the analysis of machine data, it is possible to benefit from remote technology, such as the tasks assigned to the tool from the fertilization prescription map.

Farmers and agronomists can send a variable dose map directly to the operator in the field via the internet. You can then immediately start running the task̀. Once finished, the recorded data can return (again via the internet) to the ISOMatch FarmCenter to track and document the performed work. IsoMatch FarmCenter remote technology also offers the possibility of having an alarm if there are anomalies on the machine.

The supported map format is the Iso-Xml, and the variable doses range from 2 to 8 on the total working width of the machine. The Multirate is available for the entire range of Kverneland Geospread fertilizer spreaders as early as September.

by Fabrizio Sereni

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