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New electric mower by Gianni Ferrari

by Giacomo Di Paola
December 2014 | Back

The wait is on for the arrival of the innovative electric mowers by Gianni Ferrari. At EIMA International, the Reggio Emilia manufacturer provided a substantial preview of the new line. The three models in the new concept range are the GTM – the logo graphics include the positive pole on the Lithium batteries – with a central flat deck, an 80 cm cut and a 280 liter grass collector; the GSMÅ ride-on with a central flat deck, a  112 cm cut and rear discharge or mulching; the GSR with a front 112 cm cut and rear discharge to the ground or mulching. All are powered by Lithium batteries. For all three models, Gianni Ferrari is providing differing versions of their battery packs to meet the various work time requirements. The company also unwrapped new products in their traditional mower range with the arrival of a new diesel version of the Turbo Z322, a professional out front model with a cardan shaft PTO, synonymous with performance and reliability, front cut and speedy performance. This ride-on is especially maneuverable thanks to the two hydrostatic transmissions for the drive wheels which allows the machine to rotate to achieve zero steering. A technical communique reported that compared to the gasoline version, the diesel engine mounted on the Turbo Z322D ensures high productivity, reduced fuel consumption and compact size plus the 3 cylinder power plant which does not weigh down the mower. Another strong point for this diesel mower is the efficient rear hydraulic lift designed by the Gianni Ferrari technicians to mow around curbs and other obstacles by simply pressing a button.  


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