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New Holland's "Best of Specialized" on show in Paris

With a weight of 2.2 tonnes and an ultra-slim body that can shrink to just 135 cm, the New Holland T3F series, already winner of Tractor of the Year 2015 for the specialist category, offers the operator considerable agility when manoeuvering in the tight spaces of rows and orchards

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January/February 2015 | Back

At the SIMA in Paris, the spotlight is on the new T3F series, awaiting its first official outing after winning at EIMA International 2014 the title of Tractor of the Year 2015 in the category "Best of Specialized". The T3F is a range designed for professional applications, and in particular for small to medium fruit and winegrowing farms looking for machines as powerful as they are compact, characterized by a great versatility and by optimal performance in the power range from 50 to 72 horsepower.

High torque for the S800 motors. Characterized by an innovative design, the four models in the range are powered by generous S8000 engines, three-cylinder turbo intercooler FPT Industrial, capable of offering top level performance in a wide range of specialized jobs. The technology of these engines, compliant with Tier 3, brings reduced emissions, noise and vibration, together with a high available torque (up to 295 Nm), which together with a torque reserve of 34% further enhances the productivity in the field.

An ultra-slim body for maximum freedom of manoeuvre. But the real trump card of the New Holland specialist is the low weight (just 2,200 kilos) and ultra-slim body (it can shrink down to an overall width of just 135 cm) that give the machine great manoeuvering agility, which is decisive in the narrow spaces of rows and orchards. "The T3F series - explains a technical note from the manufacturer - allows the operator to easily manoeuver in the orchard without damaging or missing products, and is ideal for spraying, cultivation and road transport. Tight corners are not a problem thanks to the 186 cm wheelbase and the turning radius of just 3.4 metres."

Excellent hydraulic performance. Great care has been given by New Holland in the design of the hydraulic system, equipped with fixed cylinder volume pumps for a total capacity of no less than 84 litres per minute. A 52 l/min pump, dedicated to the three auxiliary distributors and the trailer brakes, provides a considerable braking efficiency even in situations with a fully loaded trailer, while a 32 l/min service pump allows steering without effort even in the most demanding hydraulic applications. Performance of the highest level for the lift (with a capacity of up to 2,277 kilos): the control system of New Holland's rear Lift-O-Matic, standard across the range, allows you to lift and return the implement back to a preset position with a single command. The descent speed is independent from the weight of the application, which is brought back to the working position with a fluid and progressive motion even in the case where the user uses the maximum lifting capacity.

Transmissions for all professional needs. The T3F tractors come standard with the 12x12 Synchro Shuttle transmission, with a maximum speed of 40 km/h and minimum speed of 800 m/h. However, the New Holland Best of Specialized can be configured with whatever transmission is most suitable for the operator's intended use of the tractor. It is possible, for example, to provide a 20x20 Synchro Shuttle super-reducer with a speed of just 100 m/h, optimal for specialized work and for manual planting. Finally, we should mention the fact that all models in the series are equipped with the electro-hydraulic attachment, double traction and differential lock.

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