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News from BCS, L80N takes the field

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2019 | Back

Presented as a world preview at EIMA 2018, the high-end L80N equal-wheeled tractor from the BCS Group are now in production and ready for market launch. Offered in the three models BCS Vithar L80N, Ferrari Thor L80N and Pasquali Mars L80N, the new tractors are the natural evolution of the previous L80 series and present some innovations, especially in terms of compactness and comfort for the operator. Improved driving position, where the visibility was optimized thanks to the compact size of the new completely redesigned bonnet. This is addition to the suspended pedals for a relaxing and comfortable operation, the reversible driving position with platform suspended on silent blocks, and the cabins, characterized by glazed doors, approved and equipped with air conditioning and heating, to ensure pleasant internal comfort. The dashboard, inspired by cars, is a concentrate of digital technology. The electro-hydraulic controls can be activated intuitively from the multi-function colour display, which acts as a man-tractor interface.

The Kohler 4-cylinder common rail 75 Hp engine offers excellent performance levels. The electronic management allows the operator to set and maintain constant engine revs, for greater fuel savings and operating efficiency. The adjustment takes place quickly and accurately through a console positioned to the right of the steering wheel with multiple functions. Eight versions are available, which stand out above all based on the type of steering, which can be articulated on AR models or traditional steering wheels on RS and MT models. The second possible configuration concerns the one-way or reversible driving position. Finally, you can choose between a version with approved cabin or one with a protection arch.


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