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Anno 2019 Numero 10

October 2019

Restyling coming soon for the FAE multi-purpose cutter

The MTH multi-purpose cutter has long been one of the highlights of the FAE Group range. Today, ten years after its debut, the multi-purpose cutter is proposed by the Trentino company (the headquarters are in Fondo) after significant restyling which, among other things, marks the debut of a High Power model, designed for the most difficult terrains and for tractors ranging from 300 to 500 Hp. Already popular for its operational flexibility - it can perform different types of operations in the field of land management, such as soil stabilization, stone crushing, and rock, asphalt or stump grinding (the working depth reaches 50 cm) - the MTH mill has a latest generation frame and a “variable geometry” mechanism. Thanks to the variable geometry of the shredding chamber, the machine is able to penetrate the ground just with the rotor (adjustable by hydraulic means from the tractor cabin), while the chamber volume varies according to the working depth. In other words: the more the rotor sinks into the ground, the greater the volume of the chamber where the material is mixed.

“This technology - the manufacturer explains with a note - reduces traction effort and fuel consumption, allowing for an increase in operating speed”. Together with the restyling of the MTH, the “variable geometry” technology has been perfected with a kinematic mechanism that, through the action of two connecting rods, optimally synchronizes the vertical movement of the rotor. As the FAE Group explains, the workings are even more precise and uniform, with the possibility for the operator to adjust the grain size of the material thanks to the grille on the rear hood and the Hardox counterblades in the shredding chamber. Compared to the MTH model, the top-of-the-range MTH/HP is equipped with an enhanced gearbox, expanded cardan shafts and parallel axis gearboxes that transfer greater torque and power to the rotor. In addition, to optimally manage the surplus power of the cutter High Power, FAE has used new cooling systems for the central gearbox and for the parallel axis gearboxes, thus preventing the transmission oil from overheating. The flagship of the MTH line is available with a maximum working width of 2.3 metres, for a total width of 2.9 (MTH/HP 225), but also in the version with a maximum working width of 2.6 metres for a total width of 3.1.

by Fabrizio Sereni

Keywords: FAE Cutter

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