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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Restyling of the range for Maschio Gaspardo

As usual, Maschio Gaspardo presents itself at Agritechnica with many new products. Here are some of the most significant ones. Chrono. The new high-speed precision seed drills Chrono is equipped with an electrically-powered seeding unit and a pneumatic seed transport system that allow them to operate at a speed of 15 km/h with high precision standards. Chrono models can work in a vast range of conditions: from conventional processing to minimum processing, down to direct seeding, always guaranteeing the best precision in seed placement, regardless of its size, while the pneumatic conveying device carries it - without vibrations and contacts with the seed tube - from the distribution system to the furrow. Two independent devices manage the vacuum of the dosing unit for the seed selection, and a compressor delivers the pressurized air flow that transports them uniformly through the delivery tube to the furrow. The air flow is independent of the vacuum system of the distributor thanks to a volumetric lobe compressor and can be adjusted according to the type of seed, the working speed, and the seeding depth. This ensures perfect seed placement even when the working speed is low or the seeds are small. The distribution unit has been designed to minimize component wear and ensure maximum reliability in all working conditions, limiting both routine maintenance costs and downtime. The electric motors that manage the movement of the seeds are brushless and require no maintenance. With Chrono, it is possible to apply a ground pressure of 300 kg per seeding unit.

Primo EW. It is an electronically controlled fertilizer spreader with load cells. The heart of the machine is the distribution system, a rotary vibrating shaker that conveys the fertilizer to the drop zone without breaking the product. A double gate system (they slide over one another) manages the quantities to be distributed: the first gate controls the dose, the second opens and closes the drop duct. The section of the fertilizer drop hole has a three-lobe shape to guarantee a uniform distribution even with very low volumes. Primo EW is equipped with an electronic weighing system that allows the farmer to view the quantity of fertilizer present in the hopper in real time. Primo EW is also available in the Isobus version, starting from Agritechnica.

Extreme 286. The Maschio Gaspardo Hybrid round baler, now available with a new design, combines the benefits of a fixed chamber and a variable chamber.  The Extreme 286 Hybrid innovation consists of a double balance wheel controlled by hydraulic cylinders. The first defines the pressure and diameter of the bale (it is possible to create a pre-chamber at zero pressure up to 110 cm, like a fixed chamber machine), while the second automatically compensates for the tension of the six stapled straps during the formation of the pre-chamber. The main innovation concerns the possibility of lifting the first balance wheel. This allows the creation of a zero pressure area on the incoming product for the formation of a soft star-shaped heart up to a maximum diameter of 110 cm, the characteristic shape obtained by the fixed chamber round balers. It is ideal for harvesting hay that is not completely dry. Extreme 286 comes with a new opening bottom to quickly resolve any blockages without getting off the tractor.

The blade system is available on request and can be easily operated from the cab. The balers are equipped with a twine, a net, and a twine net tying system.

The double roll of net, placed in the centre, on the front side, is easily accessible through the ladder. Extreme 286 is available with 4 different infeed systems: HTI alternative packer, HTR rotary feeder, HTC with 13 blade rotor, HTU with 25 blade rotor.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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