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Year 2023 Number 3-4

March - April

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Tractors, India grows. Technical decline for other countries

In a 2022 characterised by the raw material crisis and the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, all major world markets are reporting a drop in tractor sales. The drop is caused by cyclical factors, against a demand that continues to be lively. India bucked the trend, touching new records
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Market: Made in Italy export do well

Italian exports continue to grow in 2022, recording a percentage increase of 15 points between January and November compared to the same period in 2021. United States, France and Germany remain the main importers of Italian agricultural machinery

When design marries efficiency

One eye for beauty and the other for construction requirements: major brands embrace aesthetics. Design, linked to the functionality of the tractor, has become an increasingly important purchasing driver

Gardening equipment: declining market in 2022

Unfavourable weather and rising prices are holding back the market for gardening and landscaping machinery and equipment, which closes the year with a 15.2% drop. Almost all types of equipment were in the negative. Purchases in the mid-level segment were penalised: the gap between high-end technologies and low-priced vehicles with lower quality requirements is growing

Lawnmowers, the new generation of robots

The fully automated garden machine is not only able to cover the required perimeter by itself, but also to connect with advanced digital systems that optimise its work. Choosing a robot means opting for a lower impact on the soil, but also on the environment in terms of emissions and noise

Freemow, cutting-edge technology for the Ama lawnmower

The latest innovation from the company based in San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) is a range of robot lawnmowers. Freemow - this is the name of the robot - has been created by the Ama Group's gardening division, focusing...

VisionFence, the intelligence of Navimow Segway mowers

Blue Bird Industries is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Segway Navimow robot lawnmowers. These are automated machines that use virtual boundaries, eliminating the need for complicated perimeter wires. Thanks to the Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) positioning module and...

The innovative Stiga A1500 system

A major innovation in lawn care, Stiga introduces the A1500 Autonomous Lawnmower Robot, which combines GPS RTK with patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology. The two systems promise to improve 4G signal reliability, thus overcoming even the most challenging obstacles...

Landroid lawnmowers, precise and fast processing

In the lawn and garden maintenance segment, the Worx brand, distributed in Italy by the company Fiaba of Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza), offers the Landroid L800 WR148E model. As the manufacturer itself explains in a technical note, this is a lawn...

Oleo-Mac and Efco, high performance sprayers

Emak has unveiled two new knapsack sprayer models: the Oleo-Mac Am 163 and the Efco AT 2063, marked by orange and red livery respectively. The two new products - whose manoeuvrability, versatility and performance are emphasised by the manufacturer -...

John Deere, the new range at Myplant

John Deere's 225 E-Cut electric lawn mower made its national premiere at Myplant & Garden. The latest edition of the Milanese event took place last February and was an opportunity for the 'deer brand' to showcase its entire range of...

The green economy in times of crisis

In order to cope with climate change, health emergencies and geopolitical instability, Europe has long relied on strategies aimed at sustainability. The BRANCHES project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme has collected a large number of virtuous examples of circular bio-economy in agriculture. These models show a remarkable capacity to withstand the adversities of our times and bode well for the future

Deleks production under the banner of quality and safety

Untilled, uncultivated land is one of the possible origins of the name of ancient Verola, today Veronalanuova, in the province of Brescia, which saw the birth in 2002 of Deleks, a company specialising in the production of, among other things,...

The evolution of forage balers

To produce quality forage, it is essential to be able to manage the entire technical path, in which harvesting is certainly one of the most critical phases. Today more than ever, forage balers are at the centre of the development of innovative technologies based on sensor technology aimed both at monitoring the harvesting and baling of forage in real time and at automating certain operational routines

Open field irrigation pumps

Modern agricultural practice often uses irrigation as a fundamental means of crop production. The related systems are based on the use of pumps. Their design differs according to the mode of adquation and the specifics of the circuits in which they are installed

Asparagus harvesting: an evolving mechanization

Like several other crops in Italy, asparagus has historically experienced little mechanization because of the plant's specific characteristics. However, some dedicated harvesters are now available

Water management: ditchers

In the current climate change situation, shrewd irrigation water management is crucial for the best crop yield. Ditches and drains must be carefully planned and implemented: this is usually done with ditchers, solid machines that can work effectively in all soil types

Raptor 180┬░, a versatile dozer from Barigelli

P. Barigelli & C, a company from the Marche region of Italy (based in Cingoli, in the province of Macerata) specialising in the development and production of industrial tomato harvesters as well as trailed pulverisers and horizontal axis centrifugal extractors...

Triton Sprint, the new Ceccato biochipper

Launched last November at EIMA International, the Tritone Sprint biochipper was designed by Ceccato Olindo of Arsego (Padua) mainly for use in the non-professional field. Tritone Sprint is in fact a 'domestic' biochipper that nevertheless offers high-level performance in terms...

The high performance of the FAE forestry mulcher

Upgrade for the FAE Group's BL5/EX forestry mulcher, which broadens its equipment range with the BL MAX blade. The large cutting surface, the profile optimised with the use of high-strength materials, and the application of specific heat treatments allow the...

New coffee harvesters a collaboration between IED, CNH and Lavazza

An exhibition was held in Turin, from 16 January to 13 February, in the atrium of the Lavazza Cloud, featuring advanced design renderings by students from the IED in Turin on semi-industrial coffee harvesting, as part of a collaboration between...

Ploughs: the new P├Âttinger series

Pöttinger brings to the market the new generation of ploughs, the SERVO 4000 Standard, NOVA, PLUS and PLUS NOVA ploughs, in four-row and six-row versions. The NOVA and PLUS NOVA ploughs are equipped with hydraulic overload protection and an adjustable...

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