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Anno 2019 Numero 5-6

May - June 2019

Rima, high-performance adjustable steering drawbars

The company, based in Brescia, (the headquarters are in Montichiari) can boast many models of steering drawbars, manufactured in compliance with the regulations in force and according to road traffic standards. Each drawbar - as the company explains in a technical note - is manufactured following controlled and certified procedures. After all, these are particularly important components for agricultural machinery. The steering drawbars, in fact, connect the tractors to some types of equipment, reducing the turning radius in cultivations with narrow decks (vineyards and orchards). This is precisely the reason why the Lombard company has kept improving the construction profile of its devices, taking into account above all the feedback from end users.  

The result of this dedicated design work is the latest version of the hydraulic drawbar, designed to further reduce the overall dimensions (thus creating space for the cardan transmission) and, at the same time, increasing its resistance.

The solution adopted by Rima technicians was to develop a drawbar incorporating a hydraulic cylinder - the dimensions are such as to support the entire towed load - which, thanks to the hydraulic mechanism, allows the operator to manage the positioning of the device directly from the driving position, depending on the type of activity to be carried out. 

To be mentioned among Rima technologies for drawbars, the elastic support on the two side tie rods and the rear connection made of a strong spring mechanism. “Solutions - the company explains - designed specifically for uneven terrain with pronounced overhangs. That is to say for those soils where the towing system is at risk of strong stress, and of the danger of damaging its components”.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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