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SIMA Innovation award 2015

by the editorial staff
January/February 2015 | Back

Two gold medals, three silver medals and 18 honorable mentions: these are the numbers of the 2015 edition of the Sima Innovation Award. The award nominations were judged by an international jury, composed of specialists in the field of research, higher education and development, supported by over 120 European experts.

Among the “innovation trends” highlighted by the jury are: the agricultural machine that, with all its connected and interdependent components, is increasingly at the centre of the information technology system of the farm with its operating parameters evaluated in terms of agronomics. The research aims at the security of machines and operators focusing on machines' coupling, risk of rollover and obstacle detection, while in terms of performance and productivity the focus is on increasing working speed, reduction of downtime and increase of performance of the internal circuits of the machines.

The two gold medals went to the Panoramic ClaasCabin and the ExactmergeSeeder by John Deere; while the three silver medals went to B-safe Berthoud, Autoconnect by John Deere and the ViconFastbale by the Kverneland Group.

Among the 18 honorable mentions are to be highlighted: the Vario by Claas, a platform for cutting that, thanks to the ability to modulate the distance between blade and cochlea, is capable of optimizing the harvest according to the type of crop and length of the stems of the plants, in order to obtain the highest performance; the Battery Boost byJohn Deere, a power distribution system among tractor and equipment provided with a series of AEF bidirectional sockets and electrical cables ensuring a power flow from and to the tool coupled and a removable battery that can be used as a buffer for the net production of the farm and that, coupled to the tractor, transforms it into a hybrid machine with removable batteries; the Centriplus by Comer Industries, a solution aimed at improving the efficiency of the brakes in an oil bath, with the band brake isolated by two counter discs and in turn the disc brakes no longer immersed in the bridge oil, thus preventing from energy and heat dissipation due to friction; the TSS-Transversal Stability System by Merlo, a system of longitudinal and lateral control of the machine stability ensuring security and total stability of the telescopic loader through the control of all the vehicle's parameters.

The machines and devices protagonists of the award, are exhibited at the Gallery of Innovation located on the right side of the main entrance to the event.  




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