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The "green Quadriportico" at EIMA International

The central area of Bologna's trade fair will be set up with natural settings, to host technical innovations and multifunctional machines. Large screens to follow the Web TV and live events. Among the new initiatives, the casting for a new reality show set in the rural world

by the editorial staff
October - November 2014 | Back

The exhibition area situated in the centre of Bologna's trade fair and known as the “Quadriportico”, prepares to welcome the visitors of EIMA International with a “natural green livery”: a landscape consisting of lawns, walls of climbing plants and architectonical structures recalling many contents of the exhibition.

In the green scenery of the Four-sided, which is the hub for the passage from the entrance to Piazza Costituzione to the pavillions of the Michelino area and for the transit from the pavillions of the northern entrance to those located in the Aldo Moro area, are displayed the winning machines of the “Novità Tecniche” (New Technologies) competition and the machinery for the maintenance of the territory and the control of hydrogeological instability, which represent this year' strong theme at the EIMA M.i.A Salon of Multifunctionality.

Large screens are mounted on structures of vertical greenery to broadcast informative and promotional videos, to send editions of the news of the EIMA Web TV (the television that in real time tells all the events of the exhibition) and to broadcast the work of the meetings and conferences which are being held in the halls of the Service Center or in those located by the pavillions.

In the same area of the “Quadriportico” are set up the mezzanine and the hall with a television studio for the meetings on streaming, while at the ground floor extends a conference arena, with a parterre that can be either reduced or expanded by moving a large transparent sliding wall. A lot of space is given to technology and research with a series of boxes dedicated to research institutions and universities, in which are being discussed projects in progress and displayed prototypes in the field of mechanics and avant-garde electronics.

The intersection in the middle of the exhibition is of course equipped to provide information and guidance to visitors, especially to foreigners, awaited from more than 120 countries and who need to easily identify the sectors of interest and be directed to specific pavillions.

On the side of curiosities and charming innovations, is to be noticed in this edition in the 13 and 14 of november, near one of the offices that overlook the “Quadriportico”, the set for the casting of the television show “Farmer wants a wife – Il contadino cerca moglie”, a reality show produced by Fremantlemedia that, from autumn 2015, will be broadcast on FOX television network. The dynamics of the new format is based on the ability of the farmers involved to make attractive for a “future wife”, the life in a farm. It is likely that among the huge audience of visitors present at EIMA International, the new format will easily select candidates and find its protagonists.



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